Celebrating the many versions of love this Valentine’s Day

‘Love’ is a wonderful variable, isn’t it? It houses so many beautiful feelings, such as wonder, adoration, passion, affection, intimacy, support and so much more while still holding room for more. It means something very unique for each of us, yet remains a universal emotion. This one simple feeling gives us the emotional vocabulary to talk about something that is probably beyond definition and yet so real.

Valentine’s Day is a day when we officially celebrate love, especially romantic love. Although every single day in life is a celebration of love in one way or another, Valentine’s Day is still special because it allows us time to really feel grateful for the presence of love in our lives. We see it as a day to celebrate our blessings and nurture love with all our hearts.

So this year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we are consciously holding space for the many versions of love in our lives and we are celebrating every one of them in a special way.

The self-love

So, this year, we are prioritizing the self, seeing ourselves as the center of our own miniverse. We are blocking some time off just for this, to be with our thoughts, dreams and feelings and just revel in our own company for a good amount of time doing nothing! Especially after the roller-coaster of 2020, we need this more than ever!

The love for family

love for family, family, love, dog
Love for family

Family makes most of our external pursuits meaningful. Our highs and lows, mean so much more thanks to them. When we succeed they clap the loudest and keep us grounded to do more. When we fail, they have faith in us and help us find the strength to get back up. And, by family, we don’t mean just those related by blood, we never do. Friends who stand by us, colleagues who walk with us, people who cross paths and leave us inspired, all of these people are family to us. Your family might look different, but the feeling is real, don’t you agree?

So, this year, we are celebrating ‘family’. We want to write letters, send gifts, give some real tight hugs (where safely applicable) and just tell those around us that we love them from the bottom of our hearts!

The love for a romantic partner

So, this year it’s all about making this person in our lives feel extra special on Valentine’s Day and doing something which gets overlooked a lot of times — communicate. We are telling them how much they mean to us, talking about the beauty of ‘us’ and just having a really great time reminiscing our journey together.

The love for community

Beej, artisan, production, in-studio production, artist working, factory
Beej artisan working at the studio

The world is so much more than our immediate social circle. We live in a collective experience and we exist as part of communities. Our biggest strength as a species is our way of coming together and being there for each other and this is what empowers us most. Celebrating this, we extend our love to our communities, including the community of sustainable businesses.

We are making it a point to keep track of what’s happening in the world to fellow human beings and use our voices and thoughts to empower them, spread awareness and initiate conversations as much as we can. And yes, we are sending out a really big virtual hug to all the fellow humans out there and hope that our love reaches their hearts.

The love for nature/planet

And, to put a real perspective on all love, we look towards our planet. This home, that has nurtured us to thrive and experience the pristine beauty that everything there is. This year, we are celebrating this planet more than everything else. We are strengthening our commitment to sustainability. We are finding more and more ways to protect our natural environment from the damage that we cause in our ignorance and strengthen our vow to live sustainably by looking closer at our lives and the way we live it. At night, we plan to look at the stars and say thank you to all of nature around us for teaching us what unconditional love feels like. What could be a better way to sign off the day of love?

So, that’s our plan for Valentine’s Day. What are yours?

Written by Shravya Indukuri



An eco-conscious accessories and lifestyle studio based in Mumbai, India.

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Studio Beej

An eco-conscious accessories and lifestyle studio based in Mumbai, India.